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MyOnlineClinics is an online hospital providing instant medical advice 24 hours/day and medical specialist video-consultations by appointment. Patients are matched to the most appropriate specialist in our national database. It is a telehealth platform providing patients with accelerated access to a large network of specialists via video consultation. Offering streamlined secondary care options for patients, and support for regional, rural and remote GPs and healthcare workers, MyOnlineClinics acts as a doorbell to specialist care no matter the postcode. The costs of the consultations are subsidised by Medicare and waiting time minimal with no need to travel for specialist care. My Online Clinic’s professional network ensures all patients are matched to the nearest, most appropriate Specialist for their care in a matter of days instead of months.


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Running out of medications? You need a medical certificate for work/school? Just need a quick consult? No worries, now you can do all these anywhere. You can easily connect with our registered doctors for online consultations.

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Access the online medical advice you require within minutes, without leaving the comfort of your home: - Access prescription medication The doctors can generate prescriptions for your medical needs. - Get medical certificate - Medical history

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